Meet Sookie. He is a very sweet and dapper gentleman who was brought to PAWS Atlanta by his owners when they moved and decided to leave him behind. Now, he’s looking for a new home and a family with whom to enjoy his senior years.  
While it’s a sad situation, the team at PAWS Atlanta knew the most important thing they could do for Sookie was to give him the best chance to be adopted. Aided by a $15,000 Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment and a Flea/Tick grant, they were able to provide necessary treatments for Sookie, including extracting all of his teeth due to severe gum disease.
An expensive dental bill may have deterred potential adopters from considering Sookie, but now that his health issues are resolved he’s ready to flash his best (toothless) smile at everyone who walks through the shelter doors looking for their new best friend.

Photo by Seth Casteel