Banfield Foundation®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, today announced the launch of two new grant programs—Disaster Relief Grants and Flea/Tick Grants. Both grant programs will enable qualifying nonprofit organizations and/or local or state governments to provide much needed veterinary care to pets in need. The Banfield Foundation will begin accepting applications for these new grant programs beginning today.

Disaster Relief Grants

The Disaster Relief Grant will be available to nonprofit animal organizations and/or local or state governments whose communities suffer the impact of natural or other disasters (or organizations who are helping another organization in need, such as with the rescue and intake of animals). Already this year the Banfield Foundation has supported the American Humane Association’s response to natural disasters in West Virginia and Louisiana and provided funding to local organizations within Louisiana to help with the relocation of pets.

Grant funding can be used for medical supplies and veterinary care treatment for pets; pet food, pet supplies, including crates; temporary shelter or boarding costs for rescued or at-risk pets; other immediately needed materials including cleaning supplies, tarps, bedding, blankets and the like to keep pets safe and comfortable; transportation costs to rescue or relocate pets; and other expenses related to providing temporary shelter for rescued pets including overtime salaries, rental equipment or facilities and cleanup costs.

“Disaster response is becoming increasingly more important—and sadly, more in demand. I am so proud that the foundation is making our commitment to disaster relief an official one,” said Marta Monetti, President and Chairman of the Banfield Foundation Board of Directors. “If we can truly demonstrate our passion for helping pets and the people who love them during every day circumstances as well as during difficult times, then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”

Flea/Tick Grants

The Flea/Tick Grant is the result of a generous donation of First Shield TrioTM from both Banfield Pet Hospital and Ceva Animal Health, the manufacturer of First Shield TrioTM. The product is available for dogs 2.5 to 20 pounds and is a monthly, topical spot-on product which delivers safe and effective protection against 4 types of ticks, 3 types of mosquitoes, lice, mites, sand flies and all stages of fleas on dogs. It can be used on dogs as young as 7 weeks of age for year-round treatment and prevention of these insects. Grantees can use this product for dogs under their care that have yet to be adopted and/or for owned dogs in their community.

“We are constantly looking at how we can better support and partner with nonprofit organizations in providing much needed veterinary care for pets in need,” said Dr. Kimberly-Ann Therrien, Midwest regional medical director for Banfield Pet Hospital and the newest member of the Banfield Foundation’s board of directors. “I deeply believe flea and tick prevention and treatment is one of the critical elements of preventive care and I am certain this grant program will help provide a great solution for many shelters, specifically those with a high population of small dogs.”

For more information on these new grants, email Darlene Schwartz

In addition to the new grants, Banfield Foundation routinely offers a Veterinary Assistance Grant, which provides financial support to fund veterinary care programs for qualifying pet owners, and Pet Advocacy Grants, to support nonprofit organization programs designed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes. In the past year, the Banfield Foundation has granted 94 Veterinary Assistance Grants and 27 Pet Advocacy Grants to nonprofit organizations.

Banfield Foundation was established by Banfield Pet Hospital in September 2015 and, since that time, has granted more than $1.5 million to 150 nonprofits in 40 states, impacting the lives of more than 50,000 pets. While it is a separate nonprofit entity, the Banfield Foundation shares a similar mission and vision with Banfield Pet Hospital in its focus of improving the well-being of pets, communities and the science of veterinary medicine. Through grants and service programs, the Banfield Foundation focuses on elevating the power of the pet-human bond, strengthening the pet welfare community, providing disaster relief for pets and advancing the science of veterinary medicine through fostering innovation and education.