• Hi, at a recent vet visit, my dog has been prescribed Simplicef. One of the side effect on the bottle said that it is loss of appetite. For the last week, my puppy hasn't been eating much of her foods. She probably eats about half to 3/4 of what she used to eat, but she shows barely any interested in her foods. What can I do to help her eat more while she is still under the medication? she has about 4 days left.
  • My Dog seems to have an itch on his bottom. He sometimes sits and spins as if to itch. He get's a bath every two weeks- just had a bath last friday. He is up to date on his tick and flea application, and was just recently tested for heartworm which was negative -- he had his 6 month shot. Recently I thought he had an itch, the thinking was he had dry skin. We were given apoquel 4.5mg tablets however his coat is fine. What can I put on his bottom to help with the spinning/itching?
  • My dogs paw has a chunk that was torn. No bleeding . Have kept her home, used Neosporin, paw wax and liquid band-aid. Should I bring her in to have the surrounding skin trimmed?
  • What is the servival rate on a dog in liver failure because of a liver shunt after sergery
  • My dog is 8 months old. I've noticed he has a behavior of licking random objects a lot and within the following 12 hours he will vomit. This has happened a few times in the last 2 months. Should I be concerned about some underlying cause? He typically goes back to his normal behavior after vomiting and doesn't seem lethargic.
  • My dog Olivia turned 1 in March. I've taken her to petsmart to try to be groomed about 4 different times with no success. She hates it. She's never had her nails cut and has never had a full groom. We've tried grooming her at home and she does well but refuses to let anyone touch her face or her paws without biting. We've tried Benadryl and treats and it still doesn't help. Is there anything that can be prescribed that could help keep her calm so we can cut her hair? I'm desperate at this point. Its just too hot to not have her hair cut.
  • Adlee gets infections in her front paw pads. They feel rough to the touch. We use our garage as a semi-outside room/mancave. We've just recently cleaned it out, had the floors pressure washed and painted. We're a bit confused why she's developed another pad infections/agitation? It's likely another bacterial infection. She's trained using pee pads inside the house. I keep that area, including the entire house, floors, rugs throughout our home immaculately clean. I have several serious health issues and must live in a sterile environment. We’re confused why she's gotten this pad inflamed yet again? Since it’s begun I've cranked up the sterilization to an even higher extent. She's been limping for 5 days and she’s constantly licking that front right paw pad, the largest one. We cannot see any type of cut, splinter, shard of glass, nothing at all. The pad is swollen and we're doing our best to keep her from licking on it as it makes it worse. We've been soaking her 1-2 times a day in a warm Epsom Salt bath. This seems to help but she keeps licking and it just won't heal up. Today after her AM soak I gave her 1/2 of a Benadryl to help her rest to give that paw time to heal. Is there anything more that we can do to get this thing healed up ASAP? Can you issue her an Antibiotic, please? We go to the Garner NC Banfield location.
  • My dogs butt hole is red and swollen on on side. He’s never had this issue before. Does not appear to be in pain. Is not itching the area. Behavior is good
  • I am changing my dogs food and mixed it slowly. I am coming up on day 5 and she has diarrhea. What do we do.
  • My cat was prescribed Felimazole, and I've administered 1/2 pill twice per day for 7 days, followed by just completing 7 days of full pill twice per day (supposed to continue until check-in blood testing Aug. 6). He threw up 5-6 times yesterday, and I'm wondering if related to medication. I gave him 1 full pill last night after he hadn't vomited for several hours, and he vomited once after an hour, but no more following. I administered 1/2 pill this morning, and wonder if that is okay? He had not vomited all night. Can I continue with 1/2 pill to see if tolerates, or will this disrupt the needed dose of medication? Should I try full pill once more to see if he was maybe just a bit ill from something unrelated? He has eaten, drank water, and used the litter box since, so he's not severely ill. Thank you!
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