• Hello. I took my 2 guinea pigs in because I thought they had a URI, which they both did. They were put on the medicine Enrofloxacin. I give them this 2 times a day. One of my piggies was improving, however today I noticed she is breathing shallower. The other biggie sounds the same, shallow and clogged up. I'm concerned if this medications are working or not.
  • Hi there: Can you please update the following info for my pets? Name: Bubba Birthday: Feb 6, 2013 Microchip ID: 0A02063550 Name: Louie Birthday: August 8, 2014 Microchip ID: 985112006063337 Rabies Tag: 9115 Thanks! Maria Garcia
  • I want to know more about my Old English Sheepdog's nutritional needs. While on your website on page https://www.banfield.com/pet-healthcare/additional-resources/breed-information I did not find Rosie's breed listed. How do I determine the nutritional needs of the OES?
  • My dog had her distemper vaccine Saturday and today seems to be panting and breathing heavy. Could this be a side effect?
  • Hello, My question is about my 8 week old pug mix kinks. We recently took her in for her first round of puppy shots, comprehensive testing, and was given antibiotics for an ear infection. Dr. Noble also sent us home with two extra days of dewormer. We've finished all the medicine but recently noticed worms in her stool. Is OK to give some over the counter dewormer? Or should we wait till her appointment next Saturday for Dr prescribed dewormer?
  • I rescued my 6 month old dog from a shelter and during his first visit with his vet, I was informed that he has Demodex mites along with an intestinal parasitic infection. He was prescribed Panacur, Mitronidazole, and started his heartworm and flea prevention with Interceptor and Simparica. How long will it take for my dog to be cured of the intestinal parasitic infection and demodex mites since he has completed these medications?
  • My dog has chipped one of his front teeth. The pulp is exposed. He is eating and drinking normally, but this obviously hurts him. I took him to my current vet today, and they said that the pain would subside and gave me pain medicine in the meantime. This just seems off to me, so I was wondering if this is normal treatment, or if I need to bring him into a Banfield location to have his tooth looked at. Would this be something that needs to be pulled or could another procedure benefit him? Thanks.
  • Tigger started taking Felimazole 2.5mg since the last visit on June 26, 2018. I mistakenly keep giving him only one doze a day. I noticed needed every 12 hours (twice a day). I am going to give him twice a day starting tomorrow. If there are any problems with this other than we need to delay scheduling the next appointment, please let me know.
  • Hello; yesterday I adopted a fixed four year old Male. He is very sweet. I have noticed he has a dry nose and his eyes are droopy, the eyelid liners are pink. I haven't noticed him scratching them or any discharge coming from them. I wasn't given a large vaccine history and I'm worried he will give something to my vaccinated 9 month old cat
  • Hello, My dog has started to walk backwards sometimes and I wanted to see if this is something I should be concerned about. Thank you!
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