• My dog has this skin lesion under her right front leg. Its this ringworm? https://imgur.com/a/gIgsaT8
  • My dog Raven has an ear infection, she was prescribed a medication that needs to be inserted into both her ears. I'm not sure what the best way to do that is as she always moves her head/runs away. My husband has been putting the ointment on his finger then putting it in her ear as she will not keep still if the actual medication applicator gets near her (she runs or cowers away). Could you please offer me a way to safely and effectively put the medication in her ears? Thank you!
  • My puppy, Herby seems to have a little sac of pus on his right leg, I’m a little concerned, he’s about 4 -6 weeks old what can I do?
  • What is her weight, how are her gums, how are her kidneys etc. Nothing was listed on papers received on Mon. 7/9 yrly visit. Same for Samantha my Coton de Tulear age 5 yrs.
  • I adopted an australian cattle dog puppy last week he is about 8 weeks old, we go outside often and he pees as soon as we go out. He also is pretty good about letting me know he needs to go out. In the last few days he has peed on my bed or my lap over 10 times! We do spend the majority of our time inside in our room (roomates) He just lays down and starts peeing. No whining or trying to get off the bed. When he peed in my lap my husband had just gotten onto him for biting his chin. Not sure exactly whats going on. Hes so good at going outside but constantly pees in my bed!
  • I have a question about Alexanders left ear, there seems do be discharge from his left ear, I have noticed it when he shakes his head, what can I do, before his vet visit?
  • We recently switched Lola to Simparica for flea and tick but I saw a commercial saying perhaps not to give to her if History of seizures. She is epileptic. The first one we gave her was on 6/4. She had a minor seizure 6/25. I’m not sure this is at all related to the medicine but wanted to check! Thank you!
  • Hello, My dog has a spot between her toes that looks very red and smells terrible. Should we try to clean the wound and prepare it the way we would a human, or should we see someone?
  • 1. Should my puppy be vaccinated for coronavirus? 2. How about CIV? 3. He's 4 month old and only gotten one round of each of Lepto and Lyme. His second round is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Should I refrain from letting him be around other puppies until then? Thanks,
  • Bandit has had one vet visit....another on schedule soon...but, wondering why my 3 1/2 month old puppy scratches a lot....no sign of fleas, no redness on skin, but ???? Would it be DRY skin??
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