• Hello, My wonderful dog has some fleas. I bought a topical treatment but a Natural Plant based spray from Vet's Best Flea and Tick spray for Dogs and Homes. I have used this on his bedding and a little on him to help control the fleas. However I researched a little afterwards and see Peppermint Oil may not be based. I will not use this product further unless it is safe to use. My question to you all, is this a safe product to use on my dog? I don't want to cause discomfort or further issues to my dog. I do have a schedule appoint on 7/28 with my local Banfield, but in the meantime i wanted to ask. Many thanks. David Krimsier
  • Hi there, I first wanted to say thank you for following up on Chewie’s health and calling today to see how he is doing! It is very nice to get a follow up call. He is doing better, thank you! I also wanted to ask, I had asked Dr. Zubricky about separation anxiety and she had suggested Adaptil spray, and I went to get it and all they had was either travel spray or an at-home diffuser - I just was wondering if one is better than the other for in the home when a pet is alone? The spray says it is for “on the go”, but since she suggested the spray and didn’t mention the diffuser I wasn’t sure which was the best to try. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your thoughts!
  • My cat has been peeing in random areas of my house lately and pooping right outside the litter box, like basically touching the litter box. He is still using the actual box to pee and poop but also using the bathroom around the house. nothing has really changed in our lives and he doesn't seem to be angry or upset. Just randomly starting to use the bathroom outside of the box.
  • Our 7-month-old English bull chewed a rhododendron stick. The leaves and flowering parts were not ingested. Was it poisonous?
  • Hi, when i came home this evening I noticed my cat had a bright red sore on her scalp in her ear, next to what looks like a raised mole with some dried blood (i think). The red was not blood. I took a picture and was hoping someone could take a look to let me know if it is anything to be concerned about and if i should take her in. Thank you.
  • My little one was chasing the water hose w me last nite next thing i know her left front paw was bleeding. I dont see any split or missing nails and i dont see any pad cuts. she is not wanting to step down on it (however she is a diva lol so could be exaggerating). I cleaned it up and it stopped bleeding right away. is there anything else i should do until it stops hurting her
  • I have a 10 week old puppy who got DAPP and Bordetella vaccines at 6 weeks and 9 weeks. He hasn't had rabies vaccine yet. We have heard that puppies shouldn't go out in public or meet other dogs until they are fully vaccinated. However, we want to make sure he is properly socialized and we have a camping trip scheduled for next week. What kinds of precautions do we need to take?
  • We just moved, and then my chihuahua spent 4 days in a PetSmart Pet Hotel. When I picked her up she had obviously lost weight and now she is listless, stumbling and won’t eat. How can I get her back to normal?
  • My great pyrenees puppy is 5 months old and he has suddenly started limping. I didnt see him injure anything, but he isnt putting weight on his back foot. I dont see anything that would be causing this and only the pad of his foot appears to be sensitive. Is this common for great pyrenees puppies?
  • My 12 year old Jack Russell, Abbie, had a large mast cell tumor removed under her front right "armpit" three weeks ago. Her incision looked great and she was back to her normal self about 2 days post op. Yesterday morning, there was a small lump on the top of the incision,,had a limp and was taken in as scheduled to have her stitches and staples removed. They said the staples and stitches came out with no problems. But they were concerned the lump was the mast cell returning already. By the afternoon, she wouldn't move from her dog bed, wouldn't put any weight on her front right leg. Today, she is moving a bit, not putting any weight on her leg, and has swollen "saggy" skin on either side of her front leg, where the tumor had been removed. Is this the cancer coming back? IS this to be expected if we continue without treatment? Does it sound like something that will get better with time, or is this a sign that the cancer progressed that quickly and she is already at the end?
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