• My dog was given a medication through his nose at his annual appointment. I was curious as to what this was called and what it was for.
  • I pulled a tick off my puppy. What do I need to look for?
  • I noticed a lump on my dog, Barron's, side. (He's an 11.5 year old German Shepherd ). It doesn't seem to bother him when I touch it or lightly press on it, but it is large enough that it has me worried. What could this be? Should I bring him in to have it examined?
  • On July 4,2018..My Teka had to be put down due to there was fluid in her lungs, she had to be given oxygen she never recovered. The Dr said she had to stay in the oxygen bubble. Can someone please tell me why she would have water in her lungs? her heart was fine, she had not suffered any kind of trauma I am with her all day all the time. The day before I notice she didn't eat or drink she started coughing like there was something in her throat. When she went to sleep the sound of her breathing woke me up. Please I am so hurt over loosing her. She was the light of my life. WHAT HAPPEN?
  • Boss has been shivering. His temperature is 101.5, gums are pink and bounce back within 2 seconds when pressed. He was licking flowers today and I wonder whether he got to something toxic and what i should do if he did.
  • I recently purchased a cat condo so my cat can lounge outside on my balcony. Should He now recieve the vaccine for the outdoors? He will not be wondering or go outside of the condo or be with other animals.
  • My dog Bambi had been throwing up three days in a row. One time each day the first two days it was only a little bit and it was whitish color. Then last night she threw up twice at the same time and it had food chunks in it and was white. Other than that shes fine not lethargic she seems fine drinking water walking around. What could this be and should I take her to the vet?
  • Many people remove their pets dew claws soon after birth. We recently got a puppy with both front and rear dew claws. In searching for dog boots to protect his feet from hot asphalt and questionable hiking trail conditions, I have noticed that the majority of reviews say that boots are not suitable for dogs with dew claws and can actually cause trauma. Further reading has given me the understanding that dew claws are frequently subject to trauma in a variety of situations, which is why most people have them removed. As much as I would never want to subject my sweet puppy to an unnecessary procedure, I am wondering if it would be a good idea to have his dew claws removed, and if banfield offers that service. Any insight is vastly appreciated.
  • My puppy stayed with relatives while we went on vacation, and since she came home, I've been noticing a lot of discharge coming from her left eye. It looks thick and green-ish-yellow. Is this maybe an allergy, or did she pick up a virus from one of the other dogs? Thank you!
  • My dog caught a baby rabbit in our backyard, I was able to get it out of his mouth in under a minute but wondering if there’s a risk of any disease that could have been transferred and what steps I should take?
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