• My male dog will sit across the room from his food dish and stare at it for a while before eating. Why is he doing this, and is it a behavior to be concerned about? Thanks!
  • My pit bull is a puppy and has a fat stomach but I can see his ribs. Is this normal?
  • My five-week-old puppy has been having loose stool, but seems fine otherwise - running, jumping, and playing around. Is there something I should give him to help the stool? I have him on formula, could that be the reason for the loose stool?
  • My Yorkie just had puppies today. How soon after can I hold and touch the puppies?
  • My puppy seems to be getting worse since starting her mange treatment. Is this supposed to happen?
  • My dog gets really agitated when she sees that I'm about to use the coffee maker. How can I make her feel comfortable?
  • My dog ​​is getting aggressive. I was told that there is a vaccine that helps soothe or put her back to normal. Is it true?
  • My dog likes oranges/tangerines and clementines. What should be the daily limit? Is citric acid a concern? Can seedless grapes be problematic? Thank you
  • My dog Macie has had a stuffed up nose for the past few days and has barely eaten a thing. The only way she even eats a little bit is if I clean out her nose just enough for her to smell what she is eating. What can I do to get rid of her cold so she can eat healthily again?
  • My dog vomited twice today after eating and now he's gagging and drooling. I don't think he ate something he shouldn't have. How can I help him?
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