• I have two eight-week-old sister boxer pups. They have both been wormed and treated for fleas. One is hyper and normal whereas the other, the runt of the litter, is more lethargic and happy to just sleep on your lap all day. Both eat well and go to the bathroom very often. Is this normal? It has us concerned that she is so sleepy all the time. Is this normal for an eight-week-old?
  • I just got a puppy, and even though the breeder suggested that regular tap water was fine for her, I would prefer to give he bottled water. Is this okay?
  • I notice the other day that my puppy was eating his poop. What can I do to stop this nasty behavior? What is causing him to do this?
  • Is it safe to give my dog raw egg yolk mixed with her dry food?
  • Last night when I took my dog out, he randomly started limping and crying. He didn't step on anything, I checked his paws, joints, and legs. I took him back inside out of the snow and he was fine, bouncing and running around. I took him out just now and he reacted the same as last night, whimpering and limping. What could be wrong?
  • My ten-month-old puppy went into her first heat at around nine months, and it lasted for around two weeks. But now, less than a month later, it seems like she is going into heat for a second time! Should I be concerned? Is this normal?
  • My dog has been acting a little strange for the past couple of days: she has become terribly attached to a small stuffed cow toy! Normally, she doesn't play with it much, but recently she has picked up an obsession with it - hiding it, licking it, snuggling with it. She carries it with her everywhere and if she cant find it, she gets a little panicky. She is not spayed and has never been pregnant. Is this normal?
  • My dog is about to start heartworm treatment. How much exercise would be too much for her during the treatment, and how much is not enough? She's generally a very mellow dog but likes her walks. Any advice?
  • My hamster's eyes are becoming white and I think may be going blind. Will this affect his regular activities - eating, drinking, running, playing?
  • My hamster is almost three years old and is getting really fat. He has gotten so bad that you can barely see his tail! He's hardly ever awake, and wakes only once in a while to get a drink of water and some food. What do you think is the problem?
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