• Can the cat litter I use cause a urinary tract infection in my female cat?
  • If I give my dog flea medicine and it gets rid of all of the fleas, do I need to keep giving him the medication every month?
  • We are going to need to day board our two little dogs while we are at a theme park on Thanksgiving. What can we do to make this day boarding successful? Should we put the dogs in the same crate or in separate crates so they have more space? How often should we walk the dogs during the day? What toys/treats are the best to keep in the crate with the dogs? Any other tips?
  • My puppy always wants to have water. Is it normal?
  • My puppy has developed a rash on her inner back legs and neck and she is itching all over often. We recently changed her food and exposed her to grass. I'm wondering if the rash could be due to allergies and what I can do to help her? She is only 10 weeks old.
  • Are carrots okay for dogs?
  • I was wondering if a diluted chamomile tea would be safe for cats to drink as something to calm over-energetic behavior?
  • I think my dog just had a seizure. Should I take her to the vet?
  • I took my dog in for a clean up hair cut yesterday and ever since he is dragging his butt across my floor every now and then. Can you tell my why and what I can do to stop him?
  • I have influenza. Is my Boston Terrier at risk?
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