Banfield Pet Hospitals Support Local Community in Protecting Against Canine Influenza

September 01, 2012 • Lancaster County, Pa.

Lancaster County, Pa.—Sept. 1, 2012—Multiple cases of the canine influenza virus have recently been reported in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Eleven participating Banfield hospitals in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware are offering all new and existing clients a 25 percent discount on the canine influenza vaccine cost. The discount will be available between today and Friday, September 14, 2012.

What is Canine Influenza?

  • Canine influenza is a highly contagious virus. Symptoms closely mimic the common respiratory disease, Bordetella. Bordetella is frequently referred to as "kennel cough and is commonly vaccinated against.
  • The canine influenza virus has been identified in dogs in shelters, humane societies, grooming and boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals.
  • Similar to the common flu, this virus is airborne and can also be spread through objects like toys, beds and dog dishes.
  • Because this is a newly emerging disease, all dogs, regardless of breed or age, are susceptible to the infection. 


Symptoms of Canine Influenza

  • A dog that is suffering from canine influenza may exhibit signs of nasal discharge and have a low grade fever.
  • 80% of dogs exposed to the canine influenza virus will become ill. Fortunately, only a small percentage become severely ill or dies.
  • Dogs can be carriers of the disease without ever being sick.


How to treat Canine Influenza

  • Currently, there is no rapid test for diagnosis and your doctor may recommend blood work that can detect the virus. Your doctor likely will treat your pet’s symptoms as they occur before the test results are back.
  • For most pets, test and treatment could include blood work, radiographs, antibiotics and cough suppressants, depending on the symptoms. Pets with more severe cases may require hospitalization and fluid therapy.

Download our handout on canine influenza for more information.

Participating Banfield hospitals

To receive a 25% discount on the cost of the canine influenza vaccine, visit one of the following Banfield Pet Hospitals between today and September 14, 2012.

Banfield Pet Hospital of Lancaster
1700 Fruitville Pike, #K
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 481-2977

Banfield Pet Hospital of Abingdon
412 Constant Friendship Blvd
Harford, MD 21009-2566 
(410) 569-2001

Banfield Pet Hospital of Bel Air
9041 Snowden Square Drive
Howard, MD 21046
(410) 312-0677

Banfield Pet Hospital of Brandywine
3010 Brandywine Parkway
New Castle, DE 19803
(302) 478-3910

Banfield Pet Hospital of Christiana
1291 Churchmans Rd.
New Castle, DE 19713-2149
(302) 266-0122

Banfield Pet Hospital of Exton
1010 E Lancaster Ave
Chester, PA 19335
(610) 518-0253

Banfield Pet Hospital of Mechanicsburg
5900 Carlisle Pike
Cumberland, PA 17050
(717) 795-8288

Banfield Pet Hospital of Pottstown
1112 Town Square Rd
Chester, PA 19465-1017
(610) 705-5801

Banfield Pet Hospital of Timonium
57 W Aylesbury Rd
Baltimore, MD 21093-4102
(410) 308-3771

Banfield Pet Hospital of Towson
1238 Putty Hill Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21286
(410) 828-5338

Banfield Pet Hospital of White Marsh
9921 Pulaski Hwy
Baltimore, MD 21220
(410) 682-5799