Banfield Pet Hospital Appoints Susan Harwood as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

December 03, 2012 • Portland, Ore.

PORTLAND, Ore.—December 3, 2012—Banfield Pet Hospital® today announced Susan Harwood’s  new role as senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO). Harwood is replacing Dan Baldock who held the position for nine years and is retiring.

“Susan brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice from her years of experience in helping service-focused, multi-unit companies build innovative, strategic IT capabilities,” said Tony Ueber, president and chief executive officer of Banfield. “Susan’s background is instrumental in joining Banfield’s IT strategy with our business goals—her experience will also give our practice a tremendous edge as we continue to reaffirm our innovative thought leadership in pet health technology and informatics.”

Harwood joined Banfield in 2011 as the vice president of IT, where she was responsible for the medical informatics and enterprise systems teams within the practice. Before Banfield, she served as vice president of IT strategy for Lowe’s Companies, Inc. In this role, she was responsible for long-term, global IT strategy, architecture and innovation, bringing deep knowledge from her 25 years in IT, including 12 years’ successful experience as a CIO in the retail industry.

“I am very proud to work with such an amazing group of people, each of whom is passionately committed to making a better world for pets,” said Harwood.  “Banfield has built a strong foundation of IT capabilities over the past 10 yearsI am excited to help envision new possibilities and leverage technology to better empower our associates and partner with our clients. Together, we can continue to ensure pets receive the best possible veterinary care.”

Part of Harwood’s role includes overseeing Banfield’s proprietary data/electronic medical records system, PetWare® an industry first, is used to collect data from every pet cared for in Banfield’s hospitals and is imported daily to the medical database at Banfield’s main campus in Portland, Ore. Data is then aggregated and analyzed by Banfield’s internal research team, Banfield Applied Research & Knowledge (BARK). BARK’s team, many of whom are veterinarians and are dedicated to population-based research, disseminate findings to Banfield veterinarians, the veterinary profession and pet owners through various avenues including: continuing education training, peer-reviewed publications, the Banfield Journal (a medical publication) and the annual State of Pet Health Report.

About Banfield Pet Hospital®

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