Banfield Partnerships Make World Better for Pets and People

Portland, OR February 11, 2016

The concept that pets are good for people is a notion that many veterinary professionals and pet lovers believe in. However, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to scientifically prove it as fact—until now.

Banfield is proud to support the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI), a nonprofit research and education organization that gathers, funds and shares scientific research that demonstrates the positive health impacts of animals on people.

“HABRI has done a great job not only centralizing research validating the positive effects of pet ownership but also funding new and innovative projects,” said Dr. Christopher Dietrich, a Banfield regional medical director. “We are proud to support this organization and its efforts to spread the word about the tremendous benefits of the human-animal bond.”

HABRI works to enhance public understanding of the human-animal bond and advocate for public policies that will bring the benefits of pets to more people in communities. HABRI recently commissioned a study to examine the healthcare cost savings associated with pet ownership, which found a savings of over $11 billion dollars per year. The study focuses on two areas where researchers could make conservative estimates of the impacts of pet ownership on lowering healthcare spending:

  • Fewer visits to the doctor’s office by pet owners; and
  • Reduced incidents of obesity among dog owners who walk their pets

At Banfield, we’re excited to see studies like this which prove what veterinarians and pet owners have known intrinsically all along—that pets are good for people. To learn more about HABRI and the science behind the human-animal bond, visit the HABRI website.

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