To Prevent, Be Proactive.

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Preventive Care

Know the Basics

Get to know the essential pieces of preventive pet heath care: dental care, parasite control, behavior, nutrition and vaccinations.

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Pet Health Concerns

Know the Conditions

Learn how to identify, prevent and treat the most common pet health conditions like diabetes, arthritis and kidney disease.

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Ask a Vet

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Browse questions submitted by real clients to our popular "Ask a Vet" Q&A series—then submit a question of your own.

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Breed Information

Know Your Breeds

Discover the unique characteristics of different pet breeds, and how they factor into a pet's ongoing preventive pet health care.

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Optimum Wellness Plans®

This knowledge vault informs how we design our Optimum Wellness Plans. Matching proactive learning with proactive year-round care is one of the best ways to ensure your pet’s lifelong health and happiness.

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