Banfield Leadership Teams

Banfield is the world leader in quality veterinary care, and we have achieved this by fostering an unparalleled support structure throughout our practice. Each hospital team enjoys the support of medical and business professionals dedicated to keeping their hospital running smoothly and ensuring the best possible service to pets and their people.

This winning combination of support includes a medical director for medical support and quality, a field director for business support and a field trainer for on‐site training. Read more about both our veterinary and executive leadership teams below:

  • Veterinary Leadership

    Daniel Aja, DVM

    Dr. Daniel Aja serves as Banfield’s senior vice president of medical operations. Dan will transition into the role of chief medical officer at the end of 2014, where he will lead internal and external medicine initiatives. Prior to joining Banfield in 2014, Dan served as director of professional and veterinary affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Previously, Dr. Aja owned the Cherry Bend Animal Hospital in Traverse City, Mich. Dan earned his veterinary medical degree from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University. Dan and his wife, Shannon, are the proud pet parents to two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Roux, age 7 and Baylee, age 1.

    Karen K. Faunt, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM

    Dr. Faunt is a 1994 graduate of the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Banfield's vice president of medical quality advancement.

    Previously, Dr. Faunt served as the senior director of veterinary school partnerships. She joined Banfield in 2002 because of our high standard of health care.

    She resides in Portland with her partner, Robert, and their two dogs and one cat. Her areas of special interest in veterinary medicine include small animal medicine and internal medicine.

    Elizabeth Lund, DVM, MPH, Ph.D.

    Dr. Lund is a 1986 graduate of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the senior director of research at Banfield. Dr. Lund was drawn to veterinary medicine because of her desire to work in evidence‐based medicine. Dr. Lund joined Banfield in 2006 because Banfield offered her the ability to perform clinical research and to help standardize veterinary medicine. She and her husband have four children and four pets. Her areas of special interest in veterinary medicine include research and epidemiology.

    Lee Nelson, DVM, MPH

    Dr. Nelson is a 1996 graduate of the University of Wisconsin (Madison) School of Veterinary Medicine and the vice president of medical operations at Banfield. Dr. Nelson is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic medical initiatives, educational programs for medical field leadership and quality enhancement programs.

    Dr. Nelson is interested in leadership development among veterinarians, starting at the hospital level and moving through the various field leadership roles and those working at Banfield’s main campus in Portland. Advancing veterinary communication skills within the practice as it relates to both client and team interactions is something Dr. Nelson is passionate about. She strives to have Banfield associates be the very best communicators and leaders in the profession.

    Dr. Nelson began her career with Banfield in 1999 and has worked in both field and hospital leadership roles.

  • Executive Leadership Team
    • Vincent Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Daniel Aja, DVM, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
    • Phil Freeman, Senior Vice President and CFO
    • Jeannine Taaffe, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    • Tami Majer, Senior Vice President of Personnel & Organization
    • Marta Monetti, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs
    • David Feitel, Senior Vice President and General Counsel