Banfield Charitable Trust

Banfield Charitable Trust is a public charity focused on keeping pets and their people together. Assistance is delivered through a wide variety of programs, including pet-care assistance for hospice patients and homebound seniors, grant funding for community pet organizations, urgent and preventive care for pets in need, as well as undergraduate scholarships for pet-related career training.

The Trust's mission to facilitate solutions so that no one must ever face the heartbreaking decision of having to surrender a pet. This mission complements and extends the Banfield vision of treating pets like family beyond our hospital walls by offering hope and support to pets and the people who love them.

Pet Peace of Mind

The Banfield Charitable Trust’s groundbreaking Pet Peace of Mind program enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end‐of‐life journey. This national initiative provides program materials, training and funding to enable nonprofit hospices to train volunteers to deliver in-home pet care and facilitate adoptions upon the patient’s passing. This program is at the core of the Trust's mission of finding innovative ways to keep pets and families together.

Emily Cartoun, Volunteer Coordinator and Bereavement Coordinator, Mt. Hood Hospice in Sandy, Oregon

Your generosity helps us bring comfort care to the dying and assistance to their families as they journey together through the difficult and uncertain closing days of a loved one’s life. We know that for many of our patients pets are full‐fledged family members who contribute greatly to their happiness and quality of life. By providing food, medications, and veterinary care the family cannot afford, we help our patients find the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the needs of their furry loved ones are being met."

Pet Food Distribution

Working hand in hand with the Meals on Wheels Association of America, the Banfield Charitable Trust funds hundreds of local pet food distribution programs each year. This innovative program ensures that pets, like their homebound pet parents, are receiving the nutrition they need.

Joe and Belle

It is nice to have a friend stop by with a hot meal. Sometimes we feel isolated here and having that familiar face come by puts a bright spot in our day."

BCT Wellness Plans and HOPE Funds

The Banfield Charitable Trust awards thousands of Banfield Charitable Trust Wellness Plans and HOPE Funds each year to help financially challenged pet parents provide their pets with life-saving care.

Windy and Ophelia

I am disabled and live alone. Ophelia is my closest friend, companion, and sometimes my only reason to keep living. Without the Banfield Charitable Trust Wellness Plan I would not be able to meet even her basic medical needs."

Ron and Buddy

I am a disabled veteran living on a fixed income. Buddy is my constant companion and the only stable thing in my life. God bless you for the Banfield Charitable Trust Wellness Plan that keeps Buddy with me."

Pet Non-Profit Funding

Each year, the Banfield Charitable Trust supports local pet nonprofits with more than a quarter of a million dollars of needed program funding to help promote a more pet-friendly world. From pet food banks to helping homeless people care for their pets, the Trust is always looking for ways to keep pets with their people in communities like yours.

Susan Tripp, MS/P, Board President at Positive Pet Parenting

When people adopt a shelter pet, we help the adopting pet parent give that pet clear and gentle instructions on how to behave in our family and how to get along with other pets in the household. Without the Banfield Charitable Trust, we could not continue our work to keep adopted shelter pets in their new homes with a better quality of life."

Undergraduate Scholarships

Each year, the Banfield Charitable Trust's Campbell Family Scholarship program provides scholarships to qualified undergraduate students pursuing careers focused on pet care.

Jordan Theakston

Between my current experience and my education, I'm helping more people understand the bond between pets and humans. A big thank-you to the Campbell Family Scholarship for making my goal of becoming what I like to call a 'Pet‐to‐Human Ambassador' a reality."

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